What is the new strategy for SEO in 2020?

What is the new strategy for SEO in 2020?

Google works on more than 200 ranking factors. But very few people will know about Top 10, Top 5 or Top 3 among them. We tell you about the Google Top Ranking Factors mentioned by every bloggers SEO Experts. Today I am going to tell you about the top 3 SEO Factors mentioned by Google Webmaster Trends Analysis, Martin Splitt, not from any expert. So let me tell you today, Top 3 SEO Factors for Google Shares for 2020 in Hindi

Nowadays every blogger wants to know about the top ranking factors of Google so that he can follow and rank his blog in search engine.

But from time to time, Google algorithms are updated and Google’s ranking factors keep changing. In such a situation it is very difficult for all of us to know which ranking factors are working in this time.

But when the member of Google has told about the top 3 SEO Factors of Google, then it has become clear that following them will only benefit us.

Because the members of Google have shared it, we can also call them Google Official SEO Factors. 

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