Which topic should blogging be done on?

Which topic should blogging be done on?

Friends, before starting blogging, it is most important to know which topic is your interest. In today’s time, new bloggers watch an interview of a professional blogger on YouTube.

A blogger said that he earned so much by creating a blog on this topic, everyone starts making a blog on the same topic after seeing a screenshot of his income. This is the first way to fail before you start blogging.

Before starting a blog within 2020, you must know which topic of your interest. You can write at least 20 blog posts on that topic in which you are interested, start your blog with the same topic. 

Most of the new bloggers are interested in technology and start writing on blog health, write a couple of blogs in zeal and then get bored while writing articles. You do not have to do this at all, create a blog on the area in which you are interested.

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